First MAD kompoz collection of 2012! Another spin around the world with my amazing friends and musical collaborators. Hope you enjoy it…

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released 27 January 2012
Cover Art – Gray Risinger

The players!

Mark Alan Dooley – guitar/ vocals
Burak Babacan – composing/ sequencing/ lyrics
Joel Sattler – lyrics
Robert DePriest – lyrics
Suzann Baldwin – lyrics
Jack Watson – compozing/ sequencing/keys
Neil Montgomery – sax
Mauro Clerici – guitar
Astronut – drums
ImCaes – keys/ synth
Scott Wheeldon – guitar
Hernan Alizieri – guitar
oracoloxx – guitar
phraser – guitar
Jay Eden – guitar/ drums
Izuki Kazuki – bass
Odennehy – bass
Adrian Ursu – music “Christine”

tags: alt-rock-pop jazz rock & roll blues pop psychedelia Dallas