MAD Master Sound

MAD Master Sound

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With extensive experience in the recording and mastering arts, I can take your cd project to the next level. My prices are extremely competitive! Satisfaction and quality is guaranteed. Mac OSX and Win 7 Pro 64 – Ozone 5, T Racks 3, Wavelab, Reaper and Harrison Mixbus, with plenty of Phat Analog sound!


10 songs – $300 1 Revision

10 songs – $500 2 Revisions

Per song – $35 1 Revision

Per song – $55 2 Revisions

Conversion to any requested format is included: wav, aif, aiff, mp3, mp4, aac, FLAC, Ogg, etc. Sample rate 44.1khz, 16bit is standard for distribution. Other sample rates and bit depth available upon request.

Drop me off a file, for a free sample

I will send you back a mastered portion so you can hear the difference that professional mastering can make.

What is mastering?

Here are 150 examples of my mastering work

Need a Youtube video?

I use Adobe Premiere Elements 9, PowerDirector 9, and iMovie on OSX and can export straight to your Youtube channel.

Send me some photos, 30-70 and  and a track with credit list and I will whip one out for you.

$200 1 Revision

$300 2 Revisions

HD video: Contact me first before sending files to discuss the project!

$500 1 Revision

$700 2 Revisions

Examples of MAD Youtube videos

Paypal only – dooleymark[at]

As for the rest of it, recording, podcasts, live streaming…I’m game and love a challenge. Shoot me a message with what you need, and I will respond with a solution.