The Crazy Atoms

Minimalist folk duo comprised of Deanna Quijada and MAD, we have released our first record as the Crazy Atoms – “Human Relativity” these are the pre release tracks. Deanna has an epic voice and something powerful to communicate. Enjoy!



Minimalist folk duo Crazy Atoms, our 1st record –

Human Relativity

“Who are you, my loved ones, that I can look at you with my eyes but see you with my heart? That I feel you dwell inside me, even after I close the door behind you? If I know you as well as I’d know myself, because I hold you in me, then why do my eyes beam every time I see you here? A mystery.” –Deanna

The Crazy Atoms are:

Deanna Quijada:

Hidden under a rock, tough but soft. “Music is my good friend, a compassionate listener, who lets me pour my heart out, and inspires me to dig deeper while looking up at the sky…. I believe art (and life), is about being in the richness of our own human experience, and the complexity we discover. Like how a song full of anguish could also be beautiful, dreamy, or hopeful, and in a way that is unique to our ears alone. Music breathes with the emotional nature of the soul. No wonder many of us are madly in love with it, playing, singing and listening, to whatever style moves our spirit. When I feel it tickle my core, I am grateful, and bask in the pure self-indulgence of being human, and having something to sing about.”

Mark Alan Dooley:

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Artist, musician, audio engineer and producer, social media tinkerer, graphic design and photography nut, web dev dude, raconteur. Mark started playing guitar at the tender age of 7 in Richmond, Kentucky after hearing the Beatles song “Revolution”. He knew what he wanted to do from that point. “I had not heard distortion on a guitar till then and I loved it”. Sweeping landscapes of emotional harmonies to heal and hope, to bump and grind, to rock and roll. “I have to strike a balance between trying to achieve perfection and capturing the happy accident”. Weird but cool, freaky but fluffy, not naughty, not nice. The Lo-Fi Technicolor Dream Edition…..of sweet streaming consciousness musing from guitar guru soupafreek…MAD!

released 30 September 2011
Deanna Quijada – Lyrics, Vocals, Art
Mark Alan Dooley – Guitar and Production

tags: acoustic alternative ballad folk indie pop San Diego
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