New record! – Don’t Stop Now

A collection of songs featuring Italia’s AndreaSpace on drums.
liljoe6 from OKC USA did the solo on Make Your Point.
TheOtherMichael from UK did the solo on Shillelagh.
Thanks to Mike Mantecon and BK Williamson of USA for lyrics.
Cover Photo by Jeff Douthit


Dang it! Twist my arm then…new MAD double album!

I’ve got enough for 30 records but figured it was time to put something out there. FREE DL for a limited time while I go through the tedium of updating all the credits, artwork etc. Basically these are all projects I started on and completed for the most part. There’s a lot more of them, but jeezz…enough already! I am fortunate to have a dedicated global team of collaborators to help me do this stuff, so I will be filling in the blanks as soon as I can.

MAD – featured artist on – Oct/Nov 2014

Miami startup Kompoz hits a high note with new online store SoundBlend

A Miami startup helps you make music together — and now sell it, too.

Kompoz is a music collaboration platform, with members from more than 120 countries. Working from their home studios — using Pro Tools, Logic, GarageBand, Sonar or any other digital audio recording software — Kompoz artists  worldwide collaborate online to create original music. Through Kompoz, they can also collaborate on revenue split sheets and ownership contracts.

And thousands of people who have never met in person are doing all of that on Kompoz – there are 33,000 songs in progress right now, said Raf Fiol, founder and co-CEO of Kompoz. Now these artists also have a way to sell that music.

On Tuesday,  Kompoz announced it has launched SoundBlend, a new online music store that features songs collaboratively created on Kompoz. The name refers to the nature of the song creation process — artists blending their talents to create new original music. Fiol said it is the first store that features crowdsourced music exclusively.

“The music creation process is being revolutionized by global online access to talent,” said Fiol, who is based at Venture Hive. “Songs are being created jointly by people who have never met, writing and recording from home studios all around the world. A song released on SoundBlend may have been started by a drummer in Seattle and a singer in Austin. And another song started with a bass player in Stockholm and a violinist in Vienna.”

SoundBlend allows musicians to sell individual digital downloads, license their songs for use in videos and films, and sell rights to a song. When songs are sold or licensed, Kompoz pays each collaborator based on the splits defined in the seller agreement.

SoundBlend features a common $0.99 download option, although the artists set the price, not SoundBlend, and also offers  royalty-free music licensing for videos and film and consignment, Fiol said.    “Consignment allows our artists to offer all economic rights to the song, on an irrevocable basis, to some other party that can do whatever it wishes with the song. Kompoz acts as a broker between the artists and a buyer.”

SoundBlend also features a widget  called “The Moodboard” that allows a visitor to drag a blue dot on a grid that features tempo on the vertical axis, and mood on the horizontal, Fiol said.  You can see this in action here.

“We believe crowdsourced music deserves a new kind of music store; one that embraces global collaboration and empowers independent musicians to sell and profit together,” said Steve Gardner, Kompoz’ vice president.

Listen to a few Kompoz songs here: Road To Zion, Lifetime Grudgeand Closer.



First MAD kompoz collection of 2012! Another spin around the world with my amazing friends and musical collaborators. Hope you enjoy it…

Free to download as always!

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released 27 January 2012
Cover Art – Gray Risinger

The players!

Mark Alan Dooley – guitar/ vocals
Burak Babacan – composing/ sequencing/ lyrics
Joel Sattler – lyrics
Robert DePriest – lyrics
Suzann Baldwin – lyrics
Jack Watson – compozing/ sequencing/keys
Neil Montgomery – sax
Mauro Clerici – guitar
Astronut – drums
ImCaes – keys/ synth
Scott Wheeldon – guitar
Hernan Alizieri – guitar
oracoloxx – guitar
phraser – guitar
Jay Eden – guitar/ drums
Izuki Kazuki – bass
Odennehy – bass
Adrian Ursu – music “Christine”

tags: alt-rock-pop jazz rock & roll blues pop psychedelia Dallas

Burak Babajan

East meets West Collaboration between Burak Babacan of Istanbul and Mark Alan Dooley. The artwork is a restored Indian (Mughal) 17th century miniature called Al-Buraf Hafifa.

The mythology:
Al Burak has the body and ears of a white mule or horse, the head of a beautiful woman, a tail and mane of peacock feathers, and the wings of an eagle. Its feathers and hair contain all manner of sparkling pearls and gems. Al Burak’s breath smells like fine perfume. It is a Arabian symbol of Purity, and its name means “The Bright One” or “The Shining One”. Al Burak flew the Prophet Mohammed around Arabia and to the seven heavens and brought him back before the water glass he knocked over had the chance to spill onto the ground. Its original owner was Gabriel, the Archangel.

Nearly There


Anything is Possible

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The Crazy Atoms

Minimalist folk duo comprised of Deanna Quijada and MAD, we have released our first record as the Crazy Atoms – “Human Relativity” these are the pre release tracks. Deanna has an epic voice and something powerful to communicate. Enjoy!



Minimalist folk duo Crazy Atoms, our 1st record –

Human Relativity

“Who are you, my loved ones, that I can look at you with my eyes but see you with my heart? That I feel you dwell inside me, even after I close the door behind you? If I know you as well as I’d know myself, because I hold you in me, then why do my eyes beam every time I see you here? A mystery.” –Deanna

The Crazy Atoms are:

Deanna Quijada:

Hidden under a rock, tough but soft. “Music is my good friend, a compassionate listener, who lets me pour my heart out, and inspires me to dig deeper while looking up at the sky…. I believe art (and life), is about being in the richness of our own human experience, and the complexity we discover. Like how a song full of anguish could also be beautiful, dreamy, or hopeful, and in a way that is unique to our ears alone. Music breathes with the emotional nature of the soul. No wonder many of us are madly in love with it, playing, singing and listening, to whatever style moves our spirit. When I feel it tickle my core, I am grateful, and bask in the pure self-indulgence of being human, and having something to sing about.”

Mark Alan Dooley:

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Artist, musician, audio engineer and producer, social media tinkerer, graphic design and photography nut, web dev dude, raconteur. Mark started playing guitar at the tender age of 7 in Richmond, Kentucky after hearing the Beatles song “Revolution”. He knew what he wanted to do from that point. “I had not heard distortion on a guitar till then and I loved it”. Sweeping landscapes of emotional harmonies to heal and hope, to bump and grind, to rock and roll. “I have to strike a balance between trying to achieve perfection and capturing the happy accident”. Weird but cool, freaky but fluffy, not naughty, not nice. The Lo-Fi Technicolor Dream Edition…..of sweet streaming consciousness musing from guitar guru soupafreek…MAD!

released 30 September 2011
Deanna Quijada – Lyrics, Vocals, Art
Mark Alan Dooley – Guitar and Production

tags: acoustic alternative ballad folk indie pop San Diego
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This album is a collaborative effort with artists around the world whose dedication to their craft humble and amaze me.

My spiel is this:-()
Retro Jazz Rock Alternative Blues Pop Space Jam in 3D, weird but cool, freaky but fluffy, not naughty, not nice. The Lo-Fi Technicolor Dream Edition…..of sweet streaming consciousness musing from guitar guru soupafreek…..Mark Alan Dooley