Latest Record “Politics and Religion”

Yet another awesome global collaboration project gleaned from

released 05 August 2011 source tracks links: documenting the process

Deep Down Inside
Distant Touch
Flowers in the Moon
Free You Stand
Plain and Simple
Politics and Religion
Rock That Feeling
The Mermaids Daughter
What Did You Do
Jesus and the Pharisees

Church and Jets image from

alt-rock-pop rock & roll blues pop psychedelia

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Artist, Musician, Audio engineer and producer, Social media tinkerer, Graphic design and photography nut, Web dev dude, Raconteur… :)

Weird but cool, freaky but fluffy, not naughty, not nice. The Lo-Fi Technicolor Dream Edition…..of sweet streaming consciousness musing from guitar guru soupafreek…..Mark Alan Dooley

Sweeping landscapes of emotional harmonies to heal and hope, to bump and grind, to rock and roll. “I have to strike a balance between trying to achieve perfection and capturing the happy accident”.

Mark started playing guitar at the tender age of 7 in Richmond, Kentucky after hearing the Beatles song “Revolution”. He knew what he wanted to do from that point. “I had not heard distortion on a guitar till then and I loved it”. The rest is a myst..I mean history!

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Conversion to any requested format is included: wav, aif, aiff, mp3, mp4, aac, FLAC, Ogg, etc. Sample rate 44.1khz, 16bit is standard for distribution. Other sample rates and bit depth available upon request.

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$300 2 Revisions

HD video: Contact me first before sending files to discuss the project!

$500 1 Revision

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Examples of MAD Youtube videos

Paypal only – dooleymark[at]

As for the rest of it, recording, podcasts, live streaming…I’m game and love a challenge. Shoot me a message with what you need, and I will respond with a solution.

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